Group Human Capital Philosophy



At Ramangwana Investments Group we believe happy employees lead to happy customers and ultimately happy shareholders. The Group will therefore be founded on participative leadership styles with employees being the core of our transformation and strategy.

Group Human Capital Philosophy

The Group’s human capital philosophy is therefore to

  • Promote an enabling environment to implement employee innovativeness.
  • Promote unity of purpose and vision
  • Promote strong, honest and mutual beneficial relationships.

The following strategies will thus become the Group’s human capital objectives

  • Implementation of a robust training and development policy based on five percent (5%) of monthly cost to company.
  • Implementation of a fair succession planning strategy and policy
  • Promotion of open and honest relationships
  • Talent identification, modelling and management.
  • Benchmarking Human Capital Philosophy against internationally acceptable standards.
  • Setting of appropriate culture, values and ethics.


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